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Land Pride Distributor Change

C B Norwood Distributors Limited and Land Pride America have announced an agreement for the future distribution of Land Pride equipment in New Zealand. This agreement is effective from 1st October 2010 and adds a new facet to the C B Norwood product range available to the lifestyle and commercial customers.

Since 1986 Land Pride have built a solid reputation worldwide, with quality products in their extensive range of lifestyle mowers, commercial mowers and ground maintenance equipment.

Land Pride will be distributed in New Zealand through the extensive Kubota network. "Land Pride equipment and Kubota work well together in the American market, with the range of Land Pride equipment ideally suited to the horsepower range that Kubota covers. We are delighted to have the opportunity to represent this brand in the New Zealand market” says C B Norwood CEO, Tim Wilkes. "Land Pride’s reputation for delivering a quality product fits well with the Kubota customer’s expectation of reliability and value for money.”

Ryan Haffner, Land Pride International Sales Manager reiterates "Land Pride is a proven product in the New Zealand market and we’re extremely excited to partner with C B Norwood and their strong distribution network to sell and service our equipment”.

Kubota NZ Manager, Ian Massicks, will continue to lead C B Norwood’s Kubota division with Land Pride taking a front and centre role alongside the Kubota franchise. "Our sales networks are excited about the opportunities that Land Pride will bring to the business. With such a huge range of products in the horsepower range that Kubota are strong in, Land Pride will be a valuable addition, providing our customers the highest level of products and service "says Ian Massicks.

Manco Engineering, who previously had the distribution of Land Pride in New Zealand, are committed to working with C B Norwood to make sure the transition phase is as smooth as possible for Land Pride customers in the coming months.

C B Norwood will provide full parts and service coverage through Kubota’s existing dealer network from Kaitaia all the way through to Invercargill and everywhere in between.

With 25 product groups and several hundred different specification options Land Pride can assure that you will find the best fit for your needs. With a commitment to innovation Land Pride continues to grow its range to keep up with the needs of an ever changing market worldwide.

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